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677007, Республика Саха (Якутия), г. Якутск, ш.Сергеляхское 3 км., д. 3, тел.: , факс: , e-mail: [email protected]

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677007, г.Якутск, ш.Сергеляхское, 3 км, дом 3
телефон +7(411)2357845, факс: +7(411)2358162, e-mail:

The Veterinary medicine

Protodyakonova Galina Petrovna, Dean, doctor of veterinary science, associate professor

The Veterinary medicine was founded in 1956. The animal anatomy physiology was the first one in veterinary education. The Veterinary faculty with 4 sub- faculties as anatomy and physiology, panatomy and epizootology, therapy and clinics diagnostics and surgery was opened in 1986. The training veterinary clinic "Aibolit" has been opened, in the work of which our students take an active part.

Undergraduate programs:

36.03.01 Veterinary sanitary expersise
36.05.01 Veterinary science
06.03.01 Biology

Master’s programs:

36.04.01 Veterinary sanitary expersise
06.04.01 Biology


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