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677007, Республика Саха (Якутия), г. Якутск, ш.Сергеляхское 3 км., д. 3, тел.: , факс: , e-mail: [email protected]

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677007, г.Якутск, ш.Сергеляхское, 3 км, дом 3
телефон +7(411)2357845, факс: +7(411)2358162, e-mail:

Agrotechnological faculty

Gogoleva Praskovia Alekseevna, Dean, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Phone 7-411-235-77-53

Agrotechnological faculty

The first set of students for the zootechnical and veterinary departments of the natural faculty of the Yakut State University was implemented in 1956. And in 1957-58 academic year. on the basis of these departments the agricultural faculty of YSU was opened.
In 1985, in connection with the formation of an agricultural institute, the zootechnical department was transformed into a faculty.
On the basis of the decision of the Scientific Council of the Agricultural Institute, on the orders of the Rector No. 109 dated 01.10.1994, the zoological engineer's department was transformed into agrotechnology. Preparation of animal engineers, agricultural technologists, agronomists and engineers for servicing and technical operation of transport vehicles and equipment began. At present, training is provided for animal engineers, agricultural technologists, agronomists and food technologists and catering organizations.

Undergraduate programs:

19.03.04 Technology of production and organization of public catering
35.03.07 Technology of production and processing of agricultural products"
36.03.02 Zootechnics

Master’s programs

36.04.02 Zootechnics
19.04.03Food products of animal origin


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