Yakut student about internship in Germany

For half of a year Bekniyaz uulu Berdibai has been writing on his Instagram page about a life of a student in Munich. When Bekniyaz finished the 4th session in YSAA, he went to Bavaria. Together with Soltonoi Kasymkulov they went through all examinations and got a right to study in Germany. Bekniyaz told rector, Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov, details of internship. He said that Germans appreciate the time and manage every hour for effective work and rest. Bekniyaz lived with a family of farmer and club’s owner “Equitation”. During the daytime they worked and studied for 9 hours. Soltonoi returned back from Germany and was ready to participate in a new contest. Now he looks forward to an opening of programs for academic mobility with Universities of Canada. In a free time from work and studying in Munich, he learned English language.

In Germany, where equestrianism is highly developed, there are a lot of students from different countries, who arrive there for foreign internship.  Our students arrived to replace students from Albania and Ukraine. They worked independently on special technologies of farmers. License on operating agricultural technologies is necessary, as one of the requirements, according to the contract.

Both Bekniyaz and Soltonoi came to Yakutsk from Kirgizia to study here. Bekniyaz decided that he will get master’s degree in educational system of Germany. Soltonoi, after getting bachelor’s degree on the specialty “Veterinary and Sanitary expertise”, will study in YSAA on the specialty “Veterinary”.