Yakut SAA. Implementation in All-Russian projects.

The 13th National Congress “Modernization of Russian industry: development priorities” had representatives of Yakut SAA. This is an open international business platform, which is oriented on establishment of long-term partnership between entrepreneurs, government structures and public organizations. During discussion of sensitive economical issues there were professors of the department “Technologies and equipment of timber complex” – I.V. Grigoriev and A.A. Tambi. At the time of the section “Perspectives of timber complex in modern economics: innovative development”, with representatives of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East our representatives achieved preliminary agreements on participation of Yakut SAA in development of prior invest projects in the field of forest exploitation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and also possible financing of scientific and research works in training-experimental forestry of the academy Tapsylyn.

They also achieved on managing an agreement on including the academy in Association of organizations and enterprises of wood-processing machinery, which will provide involving manufacturers of forestry equipment for training process of the academy on mutually beneficial conditions.