Yakut SAA develops beef cattle breeding: daily gaining up to 1 kg for youngsters under conditions of Yakutia

In September-November, 2019, Megino-Kangalasskiy district, within framework of the state objective of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): “Implementation of adaptive technologies for keeping of specialized beef cattle under conditions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” on basis of business-partner’s farm “Soloohun” (director – Andrey KHOLMOGOROV) Yakut SAA held scientific and practical experiment: “Feeding of cattle youngsters of the Kalmyk breed with addition of a local fodder supplements in a diet under conditions of Yakutia” with leadership of a rector of the Academy – Ivan SLEPTSOV. The experiment was held within 60 days after summer grazed with a usage of natural adaptogenes – zeolite from the Khonguruu deposit and Kempendyayskiy salt (Suntar district). The zeolite, as a catalyst, facilitates an increase of macro- and microelements absorption that come with a fodder, strengthens development of digestive organs, which shows positive influence on a forming of ability for digestibility and maximum usage of nutrients in the diet of the experimental cattle. Daily addition of 200 grams of the zeolite and 45 grams of the salt in the diet of the Kalmyk breed bulls led to 12,0% increase in weight gaining. Received results of the scientific and economic experiment demonstrated prospects in the usage of the local non-traditional food supplements (Khongurin zeolite and Kempendyayskiy salt) in the diet of weight-gaining bulls with a purpose of animals’ growth increase and development. Within short period of time, after fattening (60 days), we can get absolute gain of a live weight from 40 to 50 kg with an average daily weight-gaining in 700-800 grams (there were also animals with the average daily weight-gaining in 1 kg), while daily consumption of the fodder from 8 to 9 kg per unit with further final live weight up to 323,8 kg at the age of 18 months.

The scientific and practical experiment was held by the group of researches of the Agricultural faculty at Yakut SAA – candidates of sciences: Natalya CHERNOGRADSKAYA, Varvara MACHAHTYROVA, Andrey MARTYNOV, and post-graduates, master’s degree students. Scientists also recommend republican farmers to held weight-gaining operations within the period of the mid August to November, and for further increase of the economic effectiveness for cattle breeding they offer to held weight-gaining for youngsters (1,5-2 years) till achievement of the slaughter mass in fall fattening squares.