Voluntary movement of Oktyomskiy branch “Tvori dobro” continues its active work

On the 20th of March a voluntary movement of Oktyomskiy branch “Tvori dobro” [Do good] continued its active work.

Our volunteers are generally students of the 1st-3rd grade. Folks gathered and titled their movement “Tvori dobro” for a good reason, because only one person with kind heart can help others without any reasons and never asks for anything in return. This is a meaning of volunteer.

Main purpose of our folks is to create favourable and comfortable conditions for people’s lives who need special attention and support.

Volunteers helped Zasimova Irina Filippovna and Mikhailova Anisiya Mikhailovna. Veterans, our grandmothers, compared our folks with timurovts – these groups were in their youth. As the old saying goes – all new is well overlooked old.