The International Relations Office

Office provides information to students of Federal State budgetary educational institution “Yakutsk state agricultural Academy” on partner universities, scholarship programs, language courses. We help students and graduates with the organization of their studies abroad. Professors, instructors and university research workers who are seeking joint research with foreign partners, information on the financing international projects can also get advice here.

Memo to foreign citizens

Thank you for your interest in applying to Federal State Agricultural Academy!

There are two ways of admission for international students.

I. Through government scholarship allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Then you need to register and send your application to
More information is available on their

II. Through Academy’s Central Admission Office
Note that at the moment we do not have courses available in English, and if you are applying through Academy’s Central Admission Office, you will be required to pass an entrance exam in Russian language. Therefore, international students are advised to get a certificate of knowledge in a qualified Russian language center before applying.

Choose your degree program

Academy offers more than 30 Degree Programs, 5 Faculties and 2 branches in Agricultural studies
Undergraduate programs 2018/2019
Master’s programs 2018/2019
Postgraduate programs 2018/2019

College of Technologies and Management

38.03.01 Economy

38.02.01 Economy and accountng

40.02.01 Law and organizatons of social securiiy

Faculty of Agricultural Technologies

35.03.07 Technology of production and processing of agricultural produce

36.03.02 Zootechny

19.03.04 Technology of production and organization of catering

19.03.03 Animal-derived food products

36.04.02 Zootechny (Master’s degree)

Faculty of Veterinary medicine

36.05.01Veterinary science (multi-skilled veterinarian qualification)

36.03.01 Veterinary and sanitary expertise. Graduate’s (qualification) degree – Veterinary and sanitary expertise bachelor.

36.04.01 Veterinary and sanitary expertise (Master’s degree program)

06.03.01Biology. Bachelor educational program specialization: Game management. Graduate’s (qualification) degree – Biology bachelor.

Faculty of Engineering

35.03.06 Agricultural engineering (Technical systems in agricultural business)

35.03.06 Agricultural engineering (Technical service of agroindustrial complex)

20.03.02 Environmental engineering and water management (land-clearing, retrofit and land protection)

Faculty of Timber complex and Land management

21.03.02 Land management and cadastre

35.03.01 Forest management

35.03.02 Technologies of forestry and timber processings

35.03.04 Agronomy (bachelor’s degree)

35.04.04 Agronomy (management of production processes of agricultural cultures in conditions of cryolithic zone – Master’s degree)

College of academic library named after Utkin K.D.

Check your deadlines

Level Starting Date Application Deadline Date on Entrance Examinations
Bachelor 1 September 19 August Staring from 20 August
Master 1 September 20 August Staring from 21 August
PhD 1 September 20 August Staring from 21 August

Note that prospective students applying through government scholarship allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has different application and enrollment deadlines.

Complete your application by emailing us
Complete the form and submit your application via email on [email protected]

Make sure you submitted all the necessary documents.

– Copies of the education certificates of secondary and/or university education including academic transcripts, which have to be legalized in the student’s home country, translated and notarized
– Passport with notarized translation, it should be valid for at least 18 month after submitting the documents
– Standard Medical certificates, X-Ray, certificate of the HIV-negative status. The certificates should be issued 2 months prior to arrival to Yakutsk.
– Russian language Certificate (if applicable)
– 4 photographs

Make a payment

Tuition fees are calculated based on the cost of the program and may vary.
You should make a payment for the tuition fee, accommodation, and health insurance through the Bank in Yakutsk.
Tuitions fees_Undergraduate and master programs
Tuitions fees_Post-graduate programs

Apply for visa

You can obtain visa at Russian embassy or a consulate in your home country. You cannot get visa in Russia. If your application is successful, Academy will send you an invitation letter to present to a Russian embassy or a consulate.
Once you sign a contract with Academy your visa will be extended. Next day after your arrival, you have to visit International Department to get a migration registration in order to avoid violation of migration laws.


Our contacts:

Department of International and Interregional Cooperation: [email protected]

Head of the Department: PONOMAREVA Galina

Specialist of the Department: NOVGORODOVA Margarita