Launch of the Faculty of Economics

By a decision of the Academic Council of Yakut SAA, the Faculty of Economics has started its work. It is the fifth faculty in the Academy, together with four faculties, College of technologies and management, Institute of additional education, and Oktyomskiy branch.

History of higher economic education development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) dates back to 1990 in Yakut agrarian HEI. Then on the basis of the Faculty of zootechnics of Yakut agricultural institute, the Department of economics launched its recruitment campaign for training program: “Economics and management of agrarian production”.

Older generation remembers that big economical and political transformations in Russia of the 90’s demanded fundamental changes in staffing of agriculture and, as a consequence, necessity of renewal in the system of economic education maintain in agrarian HEIs. After only two years the department was transformed into the Faculty of economics in Yakut agricultural institute.

Today many graduates of the faculty of economics in Yakut agricultural HEI hold responsible positions in enterprises of Yakutian agro-industrial complexes, in government and in different republican ministries.

Professional competences of modern specialist are unimaginable without economic component. All conditions for building of graduates’ competitiveness and their further development of practically-oriented training are established in the Faculty. Studying in the Faculty of Economics in YSAA becomes the basis of successful professional career and realization of actual paradigm for continuing life-long education of modern specialists of the 21st century.