“It is time to plant flowers” as told by students of Yakut SAA

For gardeners the spring season starts a lot earlier than for other common men. That is why gardener is closely following the calendar and waits for the moment when it will be possible to carefully plant the first seed to the still resting soil.

Classes are aimed to formulate for students practical skills and to get the very first practical experience on general types of their professional activities for further training on their general and professional competences in the field of the chosen specialization. Students’ practice is designed to provide qualitative training of future bachelors for independent and creative accomplishment of their general practical skills.

Department of Agronomy and Chemistry of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management together with students of the specialty 35.03.04 Agronomy of Yakut SAA started to plant flowers. Some flowers had already been planted – lobelia, aster, different species of petunia, and clarkia. This year FSBEI HE Yakut SAA with the construction of new innovative greenhouse complex will participate in greening of Yakutsk and other intra-urban districts. Department of Land management and Landscape architecture develops the projects of landscape design for recreational zones of city’s territories. Landscape design for urban territories finds solutions for wide range of objectives. It helps to correct microclimate and parameters of ecological system, and to increase the level of comfort with the creation of aesthetic image of the object. The project has been being developed with taking into account acting norms, technical regulations, characteristics, and features of concrete section. It has to consider establishment of such elements of urban land improvement that will complete urban built environment and make it more qualitative, comfortable and aesthetic. Department of Equipment technology of Timber complex works on designing of nursery for cultivation of decorative tree and handicraft plants for greening of Yakutsk. Tree and handicraft nursery is the industry that works on cultivation of different species of young tree and handicraft plants that are designed as general planting material in landscape building. In decorative nurseries of local purposes the planting materials will be cultivated for greening of the city or residential areas. Also, nurseries will hold selective works for breeding and enhancement of variety of species and hybrids of already existing plants.