FSBEI HE Yakut SAA received a license for training students in a new educational programs.

FSBEI HE Yakut SAA received a license for training students in a new educational programs.

The Faculty of Timber complex and Land management will open a new bachelor’s degree program “Landscape architecture”. Alumni can become greenkeepers, landscape architects, or designers, dendrologists, landscapers. High level of training standards and abilities on usage of modern apps for projecting will allow young specialists to be demanded in landscape bureaus that are actively developing nowadays. Alumni can also work in governmental authorities, architectural committees, and garden and park departments; perform supervisory functions for quality and rational use of natural landscapes. Their proficiency level in engineering can make bachelors valuable specialists in eyes of big private project bureaus.

For further continuation of education the alumni of this bachelor’s degree program can study in the program of master’s degree “Technology of timber cutting and wood processing”. Alumni of this program will be oriented on solution of issues on timber cutting and wood processing. By the end of training they can work on projecting, realization and enhancement of innovative technologies on wood processing and with that their knowledge on engineering will be strengthened with understanding of law of nature.

College of Technologies and Management opened new relevant specialization on specialist’s degree program of a middle tier: 09.02.07 “Informational systems and programming” – specialty that belongs to TOP-50 of the most demanded specialties in a labour market, new and perspective professions that require secondary professional education. Alumni of this program will be competent in development of modules for program security in computer systems, their service, development, administering and protection of data base will realize integration of program modules. After successful implementation of the program it will give them qualification “Programmer”.

The Faculty of Engineering will open a new training program for bachelors: “Informational systems and technologies”, which is based on the developed program of “Management of agrarian projects in a field of informational technologies”. The mission of this program is to train qualified specialists in the field of digitizing of agriculture, and specialists on project management in the field of informational technologies, who will further work on effective pursuing of agrarian projects goals that are able to analyze informational and technical security of agro-industrial complex.

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