Faculty of Timber complex and Land management

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has one of the largest potentials in forest raw materials and land resources in Russia. At the present time an investment climate of timber complex and land resources of Yakutia is significantly changing. It is connected with development of railroads, increase of interest of local authorities to rational use of timber and land resources.

Yakut state agricultural academy is a mature higher educational institution of the Republic, on basis of which it became possible to establish new faculty – the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management.

Dean’s office of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management


Sleptsova Maria Vladimirovna 

Dean, candidate of engineering sciences




Gavrileva Nadezhda Konstantinova 

Associate dean for education, candidate of agricultural sciences




Rastorgueva Evdokiya Iosifovna

Associate dean for academic affairs 




Ustinova Vasena Vasilevna 

Associate dean for science, candidate of agricultural sciences 




Kuzmina Anastasia Innokentevna 

Specialist for teaching and guiding in intramural programmes 




Kozhevatkina Anastasia Nikolaevna 

Specialist for teaching and guiding in extramural programmes 




The Faculty has 3 departments: 

Department of Technology and Equipment of forest complex 

Department of Agronomy and Chemistry 

Department of Land management and Landscape architecture 


Contact us 

677007, Yakutsk, Sergelyakhskoe shosse st., bld. 3, office 1.314 (Dean’s office)  

Phone Fax 8-411- 235-77-53