Erasmus + SAGRIS Workshop

On February 13, 2019, the next working meeting on the Erasmus + SAGRIS program was held – “Improving postgraduate education in the field of sustainable agriculture and agricultural systems of the future”.

The program coordinator, Nifontov KR, the head of the research department conducted a general informing of the performers about the details of the program, the timing, the necessary documentation on the following topics:

Creation of a working group, distribution of modules;
Planning the initial phase of the project;
Creation of a project management structure;
Preparation of the draft order of the working group.

The Erasmus + SAGRIS program is designed for 3 years and is divided into several parts:

The first year of the project, stages:

Creation of working groups in universities;
Creation of inter-university working groups for the development of modules (IWG) and the “book of experts”;
The second year of the project, stages:

Development of four new SAGRIS modules;
Conducting four block seminars: the first pilot trainings on SAGRIS modules;
Interim open conference on the project (with the involvement of the general public) in KazNAU, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.
The third year of the project, stages:

The introduction of new SAGRIS modules in the third cycle educational programs at universities in Russia and Kazakhstan;
Conducting four block seminars: the second part of the pilot trainings and the 6th meeting of inter-university working groups;
An open conference of project participants with the involvement of the general public in StGAU, Stavropol, Russia.
At the moment, the Academy is faced with the task of developing work package No. 1 – “Creating a project working group”. At the working meeting, goals and objectives were set for the implementation of RP1.