Faculty of Engineering

Dean’s office of the Engineering Faculty 

Filatov Aleksandr Semyonovich

Vice dean of Engineering faculty, Candidate of Agricultural sciences

Office hours: 9.00-18.00 

Phone: +7 (411) 47-33-26 

IP-internal 719-14 

IP-external 507-984 

E-mail: if_sakhaagro@rambler.ru 


Kondakova Nadezhda Ivanovna 

Assistant dean for academic affairs 


Dondokov Yuri Zhigmitovich 

Assistant dean for commercialization of scientific developments and innovations, PhD candidate of engineering, associate professor 


Parnikova Tatyana Alexeevna 

Assistant dean for education 

Office hours: 9.00-18.00 

Phone: +7 (411) 47-33-26 

E-mail: if_sakhaagro@rambler.ru 


Engineering faculty was founded in 2006. Faculty is named after academician of RAS, doctor of engineering sciences Larionov Vladimir Petrovich.  

Faculty has 3 departments: 

  • Department of technical systems of agricultural complex 
  • Department of power supply in agricultural complex 
  • Department of applied mechanics 


Training programs: 

35.03.06 Agricultural engineering (Technical systems in agricultural business) 

35.03.06 Agricultural engineering (Technical service of agroindustrial complex) 

Intramural program – 4 years 

Extramural program – 5 years  

20.03.02 Environmental engineering and water management (land-clearing, retrofit and land protection) 

Intramural program – 4 years 

Extramural program – 5 years  


Contact us 

677007, Yakutsk, Sergelyahskoe 3km, 3, room 1.412 (dean’s office) 

Phone fax (4112) 47-33-26 (dean’s office), (4112) 35-89-44 (Extramural program) 

E-mail: if_sakhaagro@rambler.ru 



Department of technical systems of agricultural complex 


Dondokov Yuri Zhigmitovich – head of the department, associate professor, PhD candidate of engineering. 

Phone: 8 (984) 109-57-95 

E-mail: ooo-centaurus@mail.ru 


Department of applied mechanics 


Gogoleva Irina Vasilyevna – head of the department, associate professor, PhD candidate of education. 

677007, Yakutsk, Sergelyahskoe 3km, 3 

FSBEI of Higher Education “YSAA” 

E-mail: ivgogoleva61@yandex.ru 


Department of applied mechanics 


Ivanov Alexander Kuzmich – head of the department, PhD candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, associate professor. 

677007, Yakutsk, Sergelyahskoe 3km, 3, room 1.404 

E-mail: if_sakhaagro@rambler.ru

Department of feld economy and management

Teryutna Marianna Mikhailovna vice head of the department, associate professor, PhD candidate of economic sciences


Pudov Alexei Grigorevich

Head of the cathedra of social and humanitarian sciences, associate professor, PhD candidate of philosophical sciences

Training programs

38.03.01 Economy