Education and science on the issue of northern peoples’ human potential strengthening: arctic competences of Yakutsk state agricultural academy.

On the 5th of April in Yakutsk state agricultural academy was held the meeting with the participation of honorary professor of the North-Eastern Federal University, the president of UArctic Lars Kullerud and vice president on the issues of funding, development and cooperation, director of Memorial university in Newfoundland (Canada) Shil Dauner.

Lars Kullerud took part at the very beginnings of the establishment of UArctic 15 years ago. Professor noted on his speech that Yakutia territorially is the very center, the heart of the arctic region. Moreover, Kullerud stated the theme of the effective and mutually beneficial development of the arctic territories and importance of scientific contribution into researches of the circumpolar world. Professor also noted that the biggest challenge for the Arctic inhabitants is the future, which is based on mutually beneficial cooperation without of any unilateral consumption. The only things that can help with that are scientific researches of interested countries.

During the meeting representatives of the International Arctic university, rector Ivan Sleptsov and pro-rector of science and innovations Alexander Koryakin set marks on potential scientific and educational contacts that are building the real ground for the realization in the near future. On the part of YSAA there was presented a list of topics on academy’s arctic theme that would go to all of the higher education institutions, which were participants of Arctic university Consortium. The parties were going to implement real projects that were needful for HEI and circumpolar world, its culture and nature.

Also, a few days later in Yakutia there was accomplished international competition “Arctic skills” #arcticskills on reindeer husbandry. This contest is for youth, who show their professional skills on senile industries of farming.

Young reindeer herders proved their status of the best on five arctic competences. Arctic skills were held in Neryungri district #Neryungri of Yakutia. Furthermore, young reindeer herders arrived there from Krasnoyarsk Krai and Norway.

The goal of the international championship of professional skills “Arctic skills” is for drawing attention of international, federal and regional community on the issues of training of specialists for the work in conditions of the Arctic #Arctic, including northern domestic reindeer husbandry. The place, where was held the championship, was not chosen occasionally. The village Iengra of Neruingri district, where live evenki that are one of indigenous peoples, is known by its traditional nomadic lifestyle, maintenance of authentic culture and language.

The participants of the championship from YSAA were Toento Nadezhda, Tymnenkau Zhanna, Makhatyrov Mikhail, Zakharov Ayaal and Vinokurov Stepan. They took honorable results in the first international competition.

Tymnenkau Zhanna showed great results in the competition of “Raw-hide tent mistress” and took the 3rd place.

Toento Nadezhda showed fair engineering decision and implemented project of camping ground for reindeers.

Zakharov Ayaal became the fastest on finding of defects and their further exploitation with technical instrumentality in competence “exploitation and technical secure of snowmobiles and generators”.

Makhatyrov Mikhail conquered the title of “True reindeer herder”. Jury especially noted his fast and correct first aid. He had one of the best results on plaiting of chaut.

Vinokurov Stepan was the best in composition of “The tower on the hills of fish slices”

Participation of the YSAA’s team on Arctic skills is important event in the lives of participants and landmark for Yakutsk State agricultural academy. Gained experience will be helpful for students in study and life.

In such a way arctic component through special educational programs and international net of cooperation of University of Arctic establishes the base for cooperative work of organizations of different levels and possibilities that is important for development subjects of northern and arctic regions. By virtue of cooperation the field of education and science there will be strengthened human potential of northern peoples, fundamentals for formation of strong community and sustainable clusters of economic development and global partnership.