Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics was established together with leading academic teachers of the Department of the Economics, Law and Human science (established in 2015) in 2018 – the Order № 01/643 from 26.12.2018. The history of higher economic education’s development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has started within Yakut agricultural HEI since 1990, when on the basis of YAI’s Faculty of zoo-techies was opened Department of Economics that started to recruit students on the specialty “Economics and Management of agrarian production”. “The older generation remembers that in the ‘19s big economical and political changes of Russian state structure demanded fundamental changes in staffing of agricultural production and, as a result, necessity of system’s renewal on the management of economic education in agrarian HEI. After only 2 years, in 1992, the department was transformed into the Faculty of Economics of Yakut agricultural institute (the protocol №9 of the Academic Council of YAI from 15.05.1992). Today the key objectives of department’s development are identified: formation of highly effective system of educational and social work with students (including those, who live in dormitory), which will be able to provide guaranteed high quality of educational training and high level of discipline; enhancement of material-technical, educational-methodical and scientific-research base that provides solution of prior issues.

Department of sectoral economy and management has a response to assist on employment of their graduates in agricultural enterprises, state and commercial organizations of our republic. Starting from the 1st year of training, students maintain independent scientific and research activities. According to the results of conferences, there are books of students’ abstracts, contests and prizes for winners.

The Faculty has close relations with other higher educational institutions of the state, scientific-research institutions, enterprises; it cooperates with Moscow agricultural academy named after Timiryazev, Saint-Petersburg state agricultural university. During training process of specialists the Faculty invites leading scientists from other higher educational institutions, specialists from the Ministry of agriculture and food police of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakut SRIA, enterprises of agricultural industrial complexes.

The next stage of Faculty’s development will be the launch of master’s degree program on the specialty 38.04.04 “State municipal management”, profile – state and municipal management. The result of this activity will be additional education for wide range of young specialists of agricultural industrial complexes of the Republic, who will be motivated for practically oriented business planning.

General characteristics of programs in the Faculty of Economics:



• Economy of agricultural industrial complex enterprises
• Economy of municipal institutions

Qualification – academic bachelor

Learning form – intramural, extramural

Period for completion of bachelor’s degree programs – 4 years

Field of graduates’ professional activities: economical, financial, marketing, production and economy, and analytic services for organization of various industries; spheres and forms of property, financial, credit and insurance institutions; bodies of state and municipal authorities; academic and departmental scientific-research organizations, educational institutions of the systems of higher education, secondary professional education, general secondary education, additional education.

Types of professional activities:

Calculating and economy; analytical; scientific and research activities; organization and management; pedagogical.


• Commerce in agricultural industrial complex
• Marketing and logistics in agrarian business
Qualification – academic bachelor

Learning form – intramural, extramural

Period for completion of bachelor’s degree programs – 4 years

Field of graduates’ professional activities: graduates of this program are demanded in organizations, management and process design in the sphere of commerce activity, marketing, trade promotion, trade logistics, merchandizing, and goods’ examinations; material-technical supply and sale; intermediate trade activity.

Objects of graduates’ professional activity: consumers, technical and industrial goods; trade service, logistics and promotion support for consumers; commercial, marketing, and logistical processes; identification and formation of needs; advertising means; materials and methods for quality control of goods; logistic chains and systems.

In 2022 it is planned to launch master’s degree program for the specialty – 38.04.04 “State-municipal management”, profile: State and Municipal management.
Qualification – master

Learning form – intramural, extramural

Period for completion of master’s degree programs – 3 years

Objects of graduates’ professional activities:

The Russian Federation central, regional, and local government agencies; state, municipal, public, commercial, and international organizations; processes of economical, political, organizational, and social spheres of public life.

Types of graduates’ professional activity:

Development and implementation of modern development strategy of various state and municipal organizations, enterprises of public sector;

Development and optimization of managerial decisions in the field of state, regional, and municipal management;

Analysis and assessment of modern social and economical situation;

Management and holding of social audit, management consulting in state, public, and commercial organizations, informal groups and unions;

Formation and development of corporate culture’s reputation of organizations;

Strategy justification and tactics for human recourses’ management.

Structure of the Faculty of Economics, academic year 2018/2019

Dean’s office

1. Dean – Pudov A.G.
2. Assistant dean for academic affairs and specialist for teaching and guiding – Skryabina A.V.
3. Assistant dean for science – Koryakina M.I.
4. Assistant dean for educational work and dispatch – Savvinova Z.S.

Producing Department “Sectoral economy and management”

1. Head of department – Teryutina M.M.
2. Professor –Tarasov M.E.
3. Assistant professor – Sleptsov I.I.
4. Assistant professor – Kyundyaizeva A.N.
5. Assistant professor – Solovieva A.P.
6. Assistant professor – Nikonova T.A.
7. Senior lecturer – Val O.M.
8. Senior lecturer Popova O.A.
9. Senior lecturer – Skryabina A.V.
10. Assistant – Van-Chu-Lin A.T.
11. Senior assistant- Van-Chu-Lin A.T.

Department of social and liberal disciplines

1. Head of department – Lotova N.K.
2. Assistant professor – Everstov S.I.
3. Assistant professor – Zhondorov P.N.
4. Assistant professor – Starostin V.P.
5. Assistant professor – Koryakina M.I.
6. Assistant professor – Ivanova O.N.
7. Assistant professor – Nikolaev E.I.
8. Assistant professor – Pudov A.G.
9. Senior lecturer – Borisova V.P.
10. Senior lecturer – Prudetskaya N.E.
10. Senior lecturer – Alekseeva M.V.
11. Senior assistant – Filippova G.A.