Department of Land management and Landscape architecture

Starostina Aytalina Anisimovna, head of the department, candidate of architectural sciences, associate professor

Address: Sergelyakhskoe shosse st., bld. 3, office 1.415

Tel.: 89142790809


The Department trains bachelors, masters and postgraduates in accordance with educational programmes which are developed on the basis of the Federal state educational standard of higher education at the next intramural, extramural, and intramural-extramural programme:

21.03.02 “Land management and cadastre”

Higher-education teaching personnel and members of the Department

Gavrilieva  Nadezhda Konstantinovna – associate dean for education, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor

Salva Andrey Mikhailovich – candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, associate professor

Spiridonov Aleksey Spiridonovich – education master

Rumyantsev Vladimir Afanasievich – candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor

Solovieva Rimma Alekseeva – senior lecturer

Strekalovskaya Mariya Ilyinichna – senior lecturer

Sleptsova Kyunney Egorovna – assistant

Argunova Kyunneyana Fedorovna – senior laboratory assistant

Part-time agents

Popov Svetozar Semyonovich

Puchnin Aleksander Nikolaevich

Sleptsova Svetlana Ivanovna

Nikolaeva Roza Nikolaevna

Fedorova Tatyana Nikolaevna

Efremova Inga Ivanovna

Stepanova Dariya Ivanovna