Department of internal noncontiguous diseases, pharmacology and tocology named after Professor G.P Serdsev

Nyukkanov Ayan Nikolaevich, head of the Department, doctor of biological sciences, professor

Address: 677007, Yakutsk, Chaikovskogo st., bld. 32/1

Tel.: 507-985

E-mail: [email protected]




The Department trains bachelors, masters and postgraduates in accordance with educational programmes which are developed on the basis of the Federal state educational standard of higher education at the next intramural, extramural, and intramural-extramural programmes:

35.05.01 “Veterinary” (specialist’s degree)

36.03.01 “Veterinary and sanitary expertise” (bachelor’s degree)

36.04.01 “Veterinary and sanitary expertise” (master’s degree)

03.02.08 “Ecology (in biology)” (postgraduate’s degree)

06.02.01 “Diagnostics and therapy of animals’ diseases, pathology, morphology, and oncology of animals” (postgraduate’s degree)

06.02.06 “Veterinary tocology and biologic technologies of animals’ reproduction” (postgraduate’s degree)

Higher-education teaching personnel and members of the Department

Nyukkanov Ayan Nikolaevich – doctor of biological sciences, associate professor, head of the Department

Yadrikhinskiy Valeriy Fedorovich – candidate of agricultural sciences, professor at the Department

Nifontov Konstantin Revolievich – candidate of veterinary sciences

Machakhtyrov Grigoriy Nikolaevich – candidate of biological sciences

Kuzmina Nataliya Vasilievna – candidate of biological sciences

Alekseevna Nyurgina Illarionovna – assistant

Tataeva Praskovya Danilovna – laboratory assistant

Stepanova Lyubov Aleksandrovna – laboratory assistant

Employees of veterinary clinic “Aybolit”

Tarabukin Nikolay Illich

Neustroev Egor Izotovich

Dudkina Nyurguyana Fedorovna