College of Technologies and Management

By the decision of the Academic council from the 31th of August, 2018, №14 it was concluded to establish College of Technologies and Management.

Main purpose of the College is to provide qualitative training of competitive specialists and workers who are demanded in a labour-market with taking into account demographic situation and structural changes that occur in industries of economics and social spheres.

Objectives of the College:

– Increase of the quality of specialists’ training, their level of adaptation to modern production and provision of consolidation in organizations.

– Enhancement of material-technical, scientific-methodical, and human resourcing activities for training of competitive specialists and workers.

– Formation of such qualities as patriotism and civics that contribute to activism for students.

– Development of professional qualities of future specialist: entrepreneurial spirit, competitiveness, duty performance, sense of responsibility.

– Formation of personal legal culture and commitment to live in healthy lifestyle.

– Realization of full-service support for students of the College in accordance to FSES SCE.

Administrative management of the College


Yakovleva Natalya Markovna

Director of the College




Chirikova Yuliya Veniaminovna

Vice director




Mestnikova Mariya Aleksandrovna





The College trains workers in accordance with educational programmes which are developed on the basis of the Federal state educational standard of secondary professional education at the next intramural, extramural, and intramural-extramural programmes:

38.02.01 Economics and accounting, qualification: “accountant”

40.02.01 Laws and organization of social security, qualification: “lawyer”

Zootechnics, qualification: “zootechnician”

Heat supplement and heat engineering equipment, qualification: “heating engineer”

Technology of production for catering, qualification: “technologist”

Organization of servicing for catering, qualification: “manager”


Personnel and memebers of the College


Yakovleva Natalya Markovna – director

Chirkova Yuliya Veniaminovna – vice director

Mestnikova Mariya Aleksandrovna – methodologist

Prokhorova Mariya Nikolaevna – pedagogue-manager

Grigorieva Sardana Vyacheslavovna – master of industrial training

Sleptsova Anastasiya Filippovna – secretary for academic affairs

Tikhonova Ekaterina Gavrilievna – laboratory assistant

Contact us 

677007, Yakutsk, Sergelyakhskoe shosse st., bld. 3, office 2.110a (Director’s office)  

Phone number: +7(914) 271-19-83