Dear teachers, colleagues, students, post graduates and cadets of our Academy!

Congratulation from a rector of Yakut SAA

On behalf of leadership I warmly congratulate you with upcoming New Year and Christmas! At the eve of upcoming New Year I sincerely thank colleagues for labour and scientific success, loyalty to the Academy, understanding, supporting, and willingness to make life of the Academy more interesting!

In the last days of the year 2018 we talk about achievements and Academy’s activities results. Much has been achieved. We have much to be proud of: the Academy lives rich life, it develops scientific and innovative activities, strengthens international cooperation, and enhances material and technical bases. In 2018 the Academy trained more than 600 specialists. We have passed state accreditation expertise. Scientific conferences, creative contests, festivals, exhibitions, athletic competitions, and other arrangements were holding on high level.

All of the successes are not accidental, because our Academy has the most important thing – our brilliant team of academic teaching staff, colleagues and talented students. I believe that our joint work will successfully continue in 2019, due to team that proved that it has a power to solve urgent issues on modernizations of higher education, when it is mostly demanded to get the maximum of responsibility and professionalism.

Our concerted work on realization of plans will contribute a worthy contribution in modernization of scientific and educational field, it will formulate digital economy, which is based on high level of knowledge.

This holiday is fulfilled of warmth and sincerity, it brings hope for each of us and for all of the country for achieving new accomplishments and prosperity. The team of Yakut SAA meets this holiday in atmosphere of optimism and cohesiveness.

In the new year I sincerely wish you to have strong health, happiness, love, optimism and fortitude, creative discoveries and inspiration, new perspectives and worthy rewards! Let the new 2019 year bring us warmth and prosperity in every family, let it be calm and fulfilled with happiness. Happy New Year!