Dear women, we sincerely congratulate you on International women’s day!

On behalf of Academic board and administrative arm of Yakut state agricultural academy we congratulate you on springtime holiday – International women’s day!

It is especially bright holiday, life-asserting symbol of incoming spring, the sign of gratitude to beautiful half of our human beings. At all times men appreciated willingness of women on supporting loved ones in their hour of need, ability to be the source of inspiration in accomplishment of great things. You brighten us with your beauty, you teach us being patient, attentive, and wise.

Yakut SAA is a space, where women’s hard work is always accompanied with excellent results. On behalf of men’s part of collective of the Academy we congratulate you for contribution to the development of HEI, for achievements in science, teaching activities, studying, and creativity.

I wish nothing but joy and harmony, marital bliss and love, achievement of your heart’s desire! Flowers for you, smiles in your beautiful faces, joyful days and years! Let your dreams and good wishes that you will hear today become true! Be always loved, wonderful and happy!

Respectfully, rector of Yakut SAA,

People’s deputy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Ivan Ivanovich Sleptstov

“It is time to plant flowers” as told by students of Yakut SAA

For gardeners the spring season starts a lot earlier than for other common men. That is why gardener is closely following the calendar and waits for the moment when it will be possible to carefully plant the first seed to the still resting soil.

Classes are aimed to formulate for students practical skills and to get the very first practical experience on general types of their professional activities for further training on their general and professional competences in the field of the chosen specialization. Students’ practice is designed to provide qualitative training of future bachelors for independent and creative accomplishment of their general practical skills.

Department of Agronomy and Chemistry of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management together with students of the specialty 35.03.04 Agronomy of Yakut SAA started to plant flowers. Some flowers had already been planted – lobelia, aster, different species of petunia, and clarkia. This year FSBEI HE Yakut SAA with the construction of new innovative greenhouse complex will participate in greening of Yakutsk and other intra-urban districts. Department of Land management and Landscape architecture develops the projects of landscape design for recreational zones of city’s territories. Landscape design for urban territories finds solutions for wide range of objectives. It helps to correct microclimate and parameters of ecological system, and to increase the level of comfort with the creation of aesthetic image of the object. The project has been being developed with taking into account acting norms, technical regulations, characteristics, and features of concrete section. It has to consider establishment of such elements of urban land improvement that will complete urban built environment and make it more qualitative, comfortable and aesthetic. Department of Equipment technology of Timber complex works on designing of nursery for cultivation of decorative tree and handicraft plants for greening of Yakutsk. Tree and handicraft nursery is the industry that works on cultivation of different species of young tree and handicraft plants that are designed as general planting material in landscape building. In decorative nurseries of local purposes the planting materials will be cultivated for greening of the city or residential areas. Also, nurseries will hold selective works for breeding and enhancement of variety of species and hybrids of already existing plants.

Academy’s teacher is international master of sports of Russia

Nadezhda Gogoleva is a winner of state championship on ultra marathon. Nadezhda is promoted to the rank of international master of sports of Russia. The order had been released before at official web-site of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

Nadezhda Gogoleva, native of Borogon district of Ust-Aldan ulus, in September of the last year in St. Petersburg, became the winner of the Russian championship – she ran the distance of 100 km and accomplished standard of international participant.

Recently a minister of sports, Pavel Kolobkov, signed an award order for Nadezhda’s promotion to the rank of master. Thus, Nadezhda Gogoleva became the first international master of sports at athletics from Ust-Aldan ulus.

Nadezhda Gogoleva is a two-time winner of state championship and owner of the Russian Cup.

Worldskills Russia: Bon appétit!

On the 7th open regional championship “Yong professionals” (Worldskills Russia) students of Yakut SAA successfully presented their works.

Competences of the Academy were held by students of College of Technologies and Management “Restaurant service”, “Cookery”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Bakery”. “Veterinary” competences were presented by students of the Faculty of Veterinary medicine.

Competition on the competence “Cookery” was held on the basis of “Zhatay technical college”. Participants completed tasks on 3 modules. One day per one module. On the first day participants took part in “Finger food” – they cooked meals for buffet table and dessert “Three chocolates”. On the second day young professionals cooked chicken roll, fish consommé, and on the last day – seafood culinary delights, minced beefsteak, éclairs. According to the results of competition, the student of TOP-18, one of 9 participants, Valeriya Zhirkova got diploma of the 3rd degree on the competence of “Cookery”.

Championship on competences “Restaurant service” was held on the basis of “Yakut technological service college”, where students completed tasks on three modules. On the 20th of February they completed module “Restaurant”, on the 21st – module №2 “Bar, barista”. Students competed in making different types of coffee, cocktails, defined drinks on taste, and demonstrated servicing skills. By results of competitions the student of OOP-18 Svetlana Golikova got diploma of the 3rd degree.

We wish students further success.

Launch of the Faculty of Economics

By a decision of the Academic Council of Yakut SAA, the Faculty of Economics has started its work. It is the fifth faculty in the Academy, together with four faculties, College of technologies and management, Institute of additional education, and Oktyomskiy branch.

History of higher economic education development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) dates back to 1990 in Yakut agrarian HEI. Then on the basis of the Faculty of zootechnics of Yakut agricultural institute, the Department of economics launched its recruitment campaign for training program: “Economics and management of agrarian production”.

Older generation remembers that big economical and political transformations in Russia of the 90’s demanded fundamental changes in staffing of agriculture and, as a consequence, necessity of renewal in the system of economic education maintain in agrarian HEIs. After only two years the department was transformed into the Faculty of economics in Yakut agricultural institute.

Today many graduates of the faculty of economics in Yakut agricultural HEI hold responsible positions in enterprises of Yakutian agro-industrial complexes, in government and in different republican ministries.

Professional competences of modern specialist are unimaginable without economic component. All conditions for building of graduates’ competitiveness and their further development of practically-oriented training are established in the Faculty. Studying in the Faculty of Economics in YSAA becomes the basis of successful professional career and realization of actual paradigm for continuing life-long education of modern specialists of the 21st century.

Dear teachers, colleagues, students, post graduates and cadets of our Academy!

Congratulation from a rector of Yakut SAA

On behalf of leadership I warmly congratulate you with upcoming New Year and Christmas! At the eve of upcoming New Year I sincerely thank colleagues for labour and scientific success, loyalty to the Academy, understanding, supporting, and willingness to make life of the Academy more interesting!

In the last days of the year 2018 we talk about achievements and Academy’s activities results. Much has been achieved. We have much to be proud of: the Academy lives rich life, it develops scientific and innovative activities, strengthens international cooperation, and enhances material and technical bases. In 2018 the Academy trained more than 600 specialists. We have passed state accreditation expertise. Scientific conferences, creative contests, festivals, exhibitions, athletic competitions, and other arrangements were holding on high level.

All of the successes are not accidental, because our Academy has the most important thing – our brilliant team of academic teaching staff, colleagues and talented students. I believe that our joint work will successfully continue in 2019, due to team that proved that it has a power to solve urgent issues on modernizations of higher education, when it is mostly demanded to get the maximum of responsibility and professionalism.

Our concerted work on realization of plans will contribute a worthy contribution in modernization of scientific and educational field, it will formulate digital economy, which is based on high level of knowledge.

This holiday is fulfilled of warmth and sincerity, it brings hope for each of us and for all of the country for achieving new accomplishments and prosperity. The team of Yakut SAA meets this holiday in atmosphere of optimism and cohesiveness.

In the new year I sincerely wish you to have strong health, happiness, love, optimism and fortitude, creative discoveries and inspiration, new perspectives and worthy rewards! Let the new 2019 year bring us warmth and prosperity in every family, let it be calm and fulfilled with happiness. Happy New Year!

Yakutia within the Russian cooperation with Germany

Education and science of Yakutian agriculture are connected in a joint project with Germany. Colleagues of Yakut scientific-research institute of agriculture and Yakut SAA were invited to University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, where they signed Memorandum of understanding in the field of education and development of joint scientific projects. Yakut SAA was presented by Konstantin Revolievich Nifontov, vice-dean on scientific work, assistant professor, candidate of veterinary sciences.

The oldest university of Stuttgart is located in metropolitan district Plieningen, in general building of Hohenheim Palace in the region of Hohenheim. The university is specialized on agrarian, scientific and economic disciplines. It has academic library and extensive ties in all over the world.

Delegation had visited agricultural experimental farm “Lindenhof” of University of Hohenheim.  This farm has cattle, pigs and birds that are used for educational, scientific and industrial activities of the University. Also, this farm has biogas unit, which gives electricity, and part of it is sold to the state (as subsidy). Later in the day delegation visited educational stud farm “Marbach”. The history of this stud farm has started over 500 years ago. The stud farm manages horse breeding of local breeds, training instructors, grooms, veterinarians, provides service on equine tourism, and artificial insemination. Our countrymen were guides and interpreters – Katerina Potapova, manager of University of Hohenheim and graduate of YSAA – Anna Shadrina.

From the very first days of the visit, Korin Huber, vice-president on educational work and professor, worked with the delegation. During the operational period of visit, parties exchanged of presentations and expressed their purposes – establishment of cooperation in the field of education of science. There also was a group work that consisted of professors – Neustroev M.P., Tarabukina N.P. They visited the Institute of animal breeding and hygiene, which is lead by a professor L. Heltzle, and looked at the work of the laboratory of a professor V. Bayer. They were also discussing scientific and research projects and decided to work on 5 scientific and research themes.

One of the significant visits was the visit to the Core Facility Hohenheim. It is common use center of University of Hohenheim, which is lead by doctor Wilhelm E. Kincses. He told about working in the laboratory, which was opened in 2016 by demands of Germany for educational institutions. Financing of the laboratory is hold by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany and Regional budget.

Later, in a solemn ceremony, parties signed Memorandum of understanding and cooperation between FSBEI HE “Yakut SAA”, represented by vice-dean on scientific work, assistant professor, candidate of veterinary science Nifontov Konstantin Revolievich, FSAEI HE “NEFU named after M.K. Ammosov”, represented by director of the Institute of science, dr. habil. of biological sciences Maksimov Trofim Khristoforovich, FSBI “Yakut SRIA named after M.G. Sofronov”, represented by director, dr.habil. of agricultural sciences Stepanov Ayaal Ivanovich, FSBIS “Institute of IBIC SB RAS”, represented by director, candidate of biological sciences Okhlopkov Innokentiy Mikhailovich, and University of Hohenheim, represented by vice-president on international relations, professor Andreas Puka.

In Berlin, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Germany met with a head of the groups for science, techies, and education – a councilor Rusinov Aleksander Sergeevich and a secretary Maksim Kashubin. A councilor stated that the visit of delegation from Yakutia was well-timed, due to Russia and Germany signed “road map” on cooperation in the field of science and education. This document will be a defining moment for bilateral dialogue for science and education for the next ten years. The document has four main approaches: agreement on exploitation of major research infrastructure, for example the project on development of the biggest free-electron laser in the world (XFEL), and also the center on research for ions and antiprotons (FAIR); national projects and thematic networks; support of talented youth; dialogue between science, society, organizations, and business. In Milan ministers of foreign affairs S.V. Lavrov and H. Maas announced about the start of Russian-German “cross” year of scientific and educational partnerships that are hold under their joint patronage for 2018-2020. National project “Nauka” starts in the next year. In the context of this work, very important meaning will have applicable possibilities for international dialogue between Russian and German scientific communities that are granted by the signed road map. In 2019 it is planned to hold Russian-German Forum, where the road map will be presented. At the end of the meeting, councilor A. Rusinov asked to specify the theme of joint projects, the list of biologic materials and other.

The next step was discussion and presentation of the projects by scientific groups. Irene Huber identified general work plan for the near future: training and students’ exchange, who were engaged in the projects; development of joint methodical recommendations on scientific projects; joint publications in magazines “Web of Science”, “Scopus”; joint participation in international grants.

Projects from the list have the next emphasis: development of scientific basis for modernization of bee-keeping in Yakutia; climate change in the Arctic and analysis of threats to Yakutia; soil changes along alas [regional] boiler houses with climate change; study on honeysuckle; adaptation of agricultural animals in conditions of Yakutia; study on pea seeds with low temperatures; study on microbiots of wild animals and migrating birds; study and usage of bacteriophages in treatment of animal infections; testing of non-life vaccine against the Siberian plague of animals in cryolithic zone; study on epidemiology of the Siberian plague in burial places in permafrost; bronchial pneumonia of hybrid sheep; study on pincers in Yakutia; echinococcosis and other cestodes and influence on expansion in animal breeding, wild nature and people in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

In conclusion we express our gratitude to Irene Huber and Katerina Potapova for warm hospitality and interesting and fruitful work. We believe that our cooperation will be effective and will have meaningful continuation.

Yakut SAA. Implementation in All-Russian projects.

The 13th National Congress “Modernization of Russian industry: development priorities” had representatives of Yakut SAA. This is an open international business platform, which is oriented on establishment of long-term partnership between entrepreneurs, government structures and public organizations. During discussion of sensitive economical issues there were professors of the department “Technologies and equipment of timber complex” – I.V. Grigoriev and A.A. Tambi. At the time of the section “Perspectives of timber complex in modern economics: innovative development”, with representatives of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East our representatives achieved preliminary agreements on participation of Yakut SAA in development of prior invest projects in the field of forest exploitation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and also possible financing of scientific and research works in training-experimental forestry of the academy Tapsylyn.

They also achieved on managing an agreement on including the academy in Association of organizations and enterprises of wood-processing machinery, which will provide involving manufacturers of forestry equipment for training process of the academy on mutually beneficial conditions.

Development of competences in educational contest of YSAA

On the 4th of December, 2018 in the Faculty of Veterinary medicine was held traditional internal contest: “Veterinary and sanitary assessment of milk’s quality”.

Main purpose of this Contest is to stimulate an interest of students in studying veterinary and sanitary expertise and broadening of students’ outlook.

There were 27 applications for educational programme 36.03.01 “Veterinary and sanitary expertise” (bachelor’s degree). In competitive selection the organizing committee, which consisted of instructors from the department of veterinary and sanitary expertise and hygiene, assessed the results of contest in accordance with criteria that is indicated in competition regulations for students of FSBEI HE “Yakut SAA”.

Students were awarded with diplomas and recognition gifts. These educational contests allow students realizing their creative abilities, increasing professional and educational competences.

We congratulate all participants and we wish them continued success!

Yakut student about internship in Germany

For half of a year Bekniyaz uulu Berdibai has been writing on his Instagram page about a life of a student in Munich. When Bekniyaz finished the 4th session in YSAA, he went to Bavaria. Together with Soltonoi Kasymkulov they went through all examinations and got a right to study in Germany. Bekniyaz told rector, Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov, details of internship. He said that Germans appreciate the time and manage every hour for effective work and rest. Bekniyaz lived with a family of farmer and club’s owner “Equitation”. During the daytime they worked and studied for 9 hours. Soltonoi returned back from Germany and was ready to participate in a new contest. Now he looks forward to an opening of programs for academic mobility with Universities of Canada. In a free time from work and studying in Munich, he learned English language.

In Germany, where equestrianism is highly developed, there are a lot of students from different countries, who arrive there for foreign internship.  Our students arrived to replace students from Albania and Ukraine. They worked independently on special technologies of farmers. License on operating agricultural technologies is necessary, as one of the requirements, according to the contract.

Both Bekniyaz and Soltonoi came to Yakutsk from Kirgizia to study here. Bekniyaz decided that he will get master’s degree in educational system of Germany. Soltonoi, after getting bachelor’s degree on the specialty “Veterinary and Sanitary expertise”, will study in YSAA on the specialty “Veterinary”.