Yakut SAA develops beef cattle breeding: daily gaining up to 1 kg for youngsters under conditions of Yakutia

In September-November, 2019, Megino-Kangalasskiy district, within framework of the state objective of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): “Implementation of adaptive technologies for keeping of specialized beef cattle under conditions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” on basis of business-partner’s farm “Soloohun” (director – Andrey KHOLMOGOROV) Yakut SAA held scientific and practical experiment: “Feeding of cattle youngsters of the Kalmyk breed with addition of a local fodder supplements in a diet under conditions of Yakutia” with leadership of a rector of the Academy – Ivan SLEPTSOV. The experiment was held within 60 days after summer grazed with a usage of natural adaptogenes – zeolite from the Khonguruu deposit and Kempendyayskiy salt (Suntar district). The zeolite, as a catalyst, facilitates an increase of macro- and microelements absorption that come with a fodder, strengthens development of digestive organs, which shows positive influence on a forming of ability for digestibility and maximum usage of nutrients in the diet of the experimental cattle. Daily addition of 200 grams of the zeolite and 45 grams of the salt in the diet of the Kalmyk breed bulls led to 12,0% increase in weight gaining. Received results of the scientific and economic experiment demonstrated prospects in the usage of the local non-traditional food supplements (Khongurin zeolite and Kempendyayskiy salt) in the diet of weight-gaining bulls with a purpose of animals’ growth increase and development. Within short period of time, after fattening (60 days), we can get absolute gain of a live weight from 40 to 50 kg with an average daily weight-gaining in 700-800 grams (there were also animals with the average daily weight-gaining in 1 kg), while daily consumption of the fodder from 8 to 9 kg per unit with further final live weight up to 323,8 kg at the age of 18 months.

The scientific and practical experiment was held by the group of researches of the Agricultural faculty at Yakut SAA – candidates of sciences: Natalya CHERNOGRADSKAYA, Varvara MACHAHTYROVA, Andrey MARTYNOV, and post-graduates, master’s degree students. Scientists also recommend republican farmers to held weight-gaining operations within the period of the mid August to November, and for further increase of the economic effectiveness for cattle breeding they offer to held weight-gaining for youngsters (1,5-2 years) till achievement of the slaughter mass in fall fattening squares.

ENROLLEE 2019: recruitment to Yakut SAA for 2019-2020


lecturers who can give you high quality knowledge, skills and abilities!

3952 students

as at the 1st of October, 2018

5, 1, 1

Faculties, College, Branch


training programs

Recruitment for state-funded places

Bachelor’s and specialist’s degrees:

From the 15th of June, 2019

  • By the 15th of July, 2019 – for enrollees who pass internal exams
  • By the 26th of July, 2019 – for enrollees who applies by results of the Unified state examinations
Master’s degree:

From the 15th of June to the 10th of August, 2019.

Secondary professional education:

From the 15th of June to the 15th of August, 2019.

Recruitment conditions

Higher education:

For high-school graduates – recruitment is based on results of the Unified state examinations that were received not later than 2015.

For graduates from SPE, HE – recruitment is based on results of educational entrance examinations.

Secondary professional education:

Recruitment is based on certificate of the 9th and the 11th grades.

Required documents


1.Application of the standard form;

2.Copy of passport;

3.Certificate or diploma;

4.Photo 3×4 (in quantity of 4)

5.Medical certificate


1.Copy of TIN and personal insurance policy number/SNILS

for 2019/2020 academic year on an intramural and extramural basis:



Faculties Title of profile/training program
The Faculty of Agricultural Technologies 35.03.07 – «Technologies of production and processing of agricultural production»
36.03.02 – «Zootechnics»

Profiles – «Breeding, genetics, and selection of animals», «Traditional industries of the North»

19.03.04 – «Technologies of production and catering organization»
36.04.02 – «Zootechnics» (master’s degree)
19.04.03 – «Animal-derived products» (master’s degree)

Profile – «Technology of milk and dairy»

The Faculty of Engineering 35.03.06 – «Agricultural engineering»

Profiles –«Electrical equipment and electrical technologies», «Technical service in agro-industrial complex»

20.03.02 – «Environmental engineering and water utilization»

Profile – «Melioration, reclamation and land conservation»

15.03.02 – «Technological machines and equipment»

Profile – «Machines and instruments for food industries»

09.03.02 «Informational systems and technologies»
35.04.06 – «Agricultural engineering» (master’s degree)

Profile – «Technical service in agro-industrial complex»

The Faculty of Economics 38.03.01 – «Economics»

Profile – «Economics of enterprises in agro-industrial complexes»

38.03.06 – «Commerce»

Profile – «Commerce in agro-industrial complex»

The Faculty of Timber complex and Land Management 21.03.02 – «Land management and cadastres»

Profile – «Management of land resources»

35.03.01 – «Forestry»

Profile – «Rational and multiple use of forests»

35.03.02 – «Technology of timber cutting and wood-processing productions»

Profile – «Forest engineering»

35.03.04 – «Agronomy»

Profile – «Agricultural business»

35.03.10 «Landscape architecture»

Profile  – «Garden-park and landscape building»

35.04.02 «Technologies of timber cutting and wood-processing productions»  (master’s degree)
35.04.04 – «Agronomy» (master’sdegree)

Profile – «Management of production process for cultivation of agricultural crops under conditions of cryolithic zone»

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 36.03.01 – «Veterinary and sanitary expertise» (Veterinary and sanitary expertise and quality control of products and animal-derived raw materials, including biological security)
36.05.01 –«Veterinary»
06.03.01 – «Biology»

Profile – «Hunt management»

36.04.01 – «Veterinary and sanitary expertise» (master’s degree)
06.04.01 – «Biology» (master’s degree)

Profile – «Ecology»

Oktyomskiy branch 35.03.04 – «Agronomy»

Profile – «Agricultural business»

35.03.06 – «Agricultural engineering»

Profile – «Technical service in agro-industrial complex»

35.04.04 – «Agronomy» (master’s degree)

Profile – «Adaptive crop husbandry»




Faculties Title of specialties
College of Technologies and Management 09.02.07 «Informational systems and programming»

Qualification «Programmer» (on basis of the 9th grade)

40.02.01 «Law and organization of social security»

Qualification «Lawyer» (on basis of the 9th grade)

38.02.01 «Economics and accounting (branch-wise) »

Qualification «Accountant» (on basis of the 9th grade)

36.02.02 «Zootechnics»

Qualification «Zootechnician»

13.02.02 «Heat supplement and heating equipment»

Qualification «Heating engineer»

40.02.01 «Law and organization of social security»

Qualification «Lawyer»

38.02.01 «Economics and accounting (branch-wise) »

Qualification «Accountant»

19.02.10 «Technology of catering production»

Qualification «Process technician»

43.02.01 «Organization of servicing in catering»

Qualification «Manager»

Oktyomskiy branch 35.02.05 «Agronomy»

Qualification «Agronomist»

35.02.07 «Mechanization of agriculture»

Qualification «Technician-mechanic»

21.02.05 «Land and property relations»

Qualification «Specialist on land and property relations»

Students of Yakut SAA took part in hackathon.

On the 10th and 11th of June, 2019, in IT-Park the “Sakhabult” together with the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) held 2 days long hackathon within framework of realization of the National technological initiatives. 17 teams with participants from different industries of the economy took part in hackathon and prepared projects for development of agriculture under conditions of creative economy.

According to the results of the hackathon the 2nd place was taken by the team “URUN” that developed prototypes of all-nature candies from dehydrated dairy raw materials.

Team list:
1. Pestryakova Lyubov Petrovna. The Faculty of Engineering, the 3rd grade.
2. Djulustan Afanasievich. The Faculty of Engineering, the 2nd grade.
3. Nurbekov Aziz Nurbekovich. The Faculty of Veterinary medicine, the 3rd grade.
4.Tarasov Dmitriy Anatolievich. The Faculty of Veterinary medicine, the 3rd grade.
5. Kutukov Danil Egorovich. The Faculty of Engineering, the 3rd grade.
6. Pakhomov Miroslav Germanovich. The Faculty of Veterinary medicine, the 1st grade.
7. Starostin Andrey Ivanovich. The Faculty of Veterinary medicine, the 1st grade.
8. Egasova Lyubov Nesterovna. Yakut college of technologies and design, the 2nd grade.
9. Gavrilieva Tatyana Nikolaevna, self-employed entrepreneur.
10. Khamarova Sargylana Vasilievna. Head of the educational office at the Institute of continuing and professional education.


On the 7th of June, 2019, a meeting of a rector of Yakut SAA, Ivan Sleptsov, with a representative of Kazan (Privolzhskiy) federal university, Aleksandra Ushnitskaya, on questions of cooperation and students’ internship was held.

Participants of the meeting were also vice rector for academic and educational affairs at Yakut SAA, professor and doctor of agricultural sciences Anna Cherkashina, director of the Institute of CPE at YSAA Marianna Petrova and other employees of the Academy.

The Agency contract, between Yakut SAA and Federal state autonomous educational institution of higher education “Kazan (Privolzhskiy) federal university”, was signed on questions of training (professional retraining) with a usage of remote technologies.

At the end of the meeting parties have agreed on joint and fruitful work.


Ushnitskaya Aleksandra Egorovna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, director of Autonomous non-commercial organization of continuing professional education “Univer” in Kazan of the Republic of Tatarstan, corresponding member of the Academy of pedagogical and social sciences of the Russian Federation, member of International Intellect-club “GLUOON”, Moscow, director of the Center of intellectual. Creative and personal development in Yakutsk, excellent worker of education and youth politics of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), excellent worker of professional education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), psychologist-consultant, specialist on positive psychotherapy at Sand-play and Art-therapy.

FSBEI HE Yakut SAA received a license for training students in a new educational programs.

FSBEI HE Yakut SAA received a license for training students in a new educational programs.

The Faculty of Timber complex and Land management will open a new bachelor’s degree program “Landscape architecture”. Alumni can become greenkeepers, landscape architects, or designers, dendrologists, landscapers. High level of training standards and abilities on usage of modern apps for projecting will allow young specialists to be demanded in landscape bureaus that are actively developing nowadays. Alumni can also work in governmental authorities, architectural committees, and garden and park departments; perform supervisory functions for quality and rational use of natural landscapes. Their proficiency level in engineering can make bachelors valuable specialists in eyes of big private project bureaus.

For further continuation of education the alumni of this bachelor’s degree program can study in the program of master’s degree “Technology of timber cutting and wood processing”. Alumni of this program will be oriented on solution of issues on timber cutting and wood processing. By the end of training they can work on projecting, realization and enhancement of innovative technologies on wood processing and with that their knowledge on engineering will be strengthened with understanding of law of nature.

College of Technologies and Management opened new relevant specialization on specialist’s degree program of a middle tier: 09.02.07 “Informational systems and programming” – specialty that belongs to TOP-50 of the most demanded specialties in a labour market, new and perspective professions that require secondary professional education. Alumni of this program will be competent in development of modules for program security in computer systems, their service, development, administering and protection of data base will realize integration of program modules. After successful implementation of the program it will give them qualification “Programmer”.

The Faculty of Engineering will open a new training program for bachelors: “Informational systems and technologies”, which is based on the developed program of “Management of agrarian projects in a field of informational technologies”. The mission of this program is to train qualified specialists in the field of digitizing of agriculture, and specialists on project management in the field of informational technologies, who will further work on effective pursuing of agrarian projects goals that are able to analyze informational and technical security of agro-industrial complex.

Department of public relations at Yakut SAA

National Forest Forum 2019 in Yakutsk. Outcomes.

The 1st of June, 2019, Yakutsk, started from the youth platform “Ecology and voluntary movement in Russia” in the Public center. Nikolay Petrovich Nikolaev – a chairman of the committee for natural resources, property and land matters of the State Duma at the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Sakhamin Milanovich Afanasievich – a minister of ecology, environmental management and forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov – a rector of Yakut state agricultural academy, lecturers, students of Yakut SAA and others took part in the seminar. Main speakers at the seminar were Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Egorchenkov – a director of the Institute of strategic studies and forecasting at RUDN, Nikita Sergeevich Danyuk – an assistant director of the Institute of strategic studies and forecasting at RUDN.

Participants discussed issues that were connected with an inclusion of youth for solution of pressing questions on nature protection in regional and All-Russian levels, and with realization of the national project “Ecology”. Further, students of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management at Yakut state agricultural academy presented projects on eco-volunteers that were aimed to solve urgent issues for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The event had started by a welcoming performance of people from the organization “Green Pioneers” at the municipal organization “Tulagin agro-technological school named after P.I. Kochnev”. The project “Green Pioneers” of the “Green Russia” had started in 2015 with a purpose of fostering rising generation patriotic feelings to the Homeland through formation of responsibility for environment.

Students of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management at YSAA presented their projects: “Development of informational resource for fire-control agitation in population of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, which was headed by T.M. Pudova, a candidate of biological sciences; “Prevention of pollution of the rivers in Yakutia by fumed wood”, which was headed by O.A. kunitskaya, a doctor of engineering sciences; and “Development of informational resource on rational forest exploitation in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, which was headed by I.V. Grigorieva, a doctor of engineering sciences. Special interest of the representatives from state government bodies and municipal organizations was targeted to the project on effective cleaning of the rivers in Yakutia from fallen trees in concave banks, and usage of them as a fuel instead of expensive coal. Sakhamin Milanovich Afanasiev, during his speech, noted that the project was relevant and well-developed; however legislative problems on the ownership of the fallen trees still prevent realization of the project. He also encouraged legislators to solve the legislative problem as soon as it was possible.

In the 2nd of June, 2019, under framework of the regional stage of National forestry forum 2019, in Yakut state agricultural academy was held a round table on the theme: “Issues and perspectives of the Forestry complex in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, which had more that 250 listeners from more than ten Russian regions, including assistant-director of the Department of Forestry complex in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), chairman of the standing committee at the State assembly (Il Tumen) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for entrepreneurship, tourism and development of infrastructure, deputy administrator of the Republican agency for forestry of the Republic of Buryatia, acting director of the Department of Forestry in Primorskiy Krai, minister of forestry and hunting entity of Sakhalin oblast, deputy director of FSBI “Roslesinforg”, executive director of RPh groups, chairman of standing committee at Legislative Duma of Khabarovskiy Krai on the issues of production sector, entrepreneurship and infrastructure, and also heads of forest enterprises and deputies of the State assembly (Il Tumen) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Moderator of the round table was a professor at the department of “Technology and equipment for timber complex” – Igor Vladislavovich Grigoriev. Speakers were representatives from profiled authority bodies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), members of the Academy and also representatives from the other leading national firms-producers in the field of forestry production.

At the start of round table the grand opening of the classes for forestry machines of the Ponsse company, which granted to the Academy the simulator of forestry machines and special soft ware that would allow students to get necessary theoretical knowledge and basics of practical skills for further career development as operator of harvesters and forwarders, had been officially inaugurated.

Generous gift of the company OOO “Ponsse” once again showed that lumbermen understand the importance and prospectivety of training of specialists for forestry in Yakutia, and ability of the members of Yakut SAA to solve staffing problem in timber complex of the Republic and in the Far Eastern Federal District.

The round table itself started from words of welcome from a rector of the Academy – Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov, and minister of industry and geology of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – Tereshenko Maksim Viktorovich, who in their speeches noted that timber complex can and should contribute to GDP of the Republic more than ever, and that except technical equipment, solution of problems with actualization of timber complex and development of forest road network it was necessary to satiate forest industry by young professionals.

Deputy Minister of ecology, natural resource management and forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aleksey Nikolaevich Ageev presented the report “Current status of forest resources in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” in which he noted the issue of extremely poor usage of periodic yield and significant resource potential of the Republican forests.

With a main report a rector of Yakut SAA, Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov, presented the theme: “The role of YSAA in human resourcing for timber complex of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”. In his report the rector pointed the most important moments in questions of human resourcing for timber complex in Yakutia. He also noted relevance and importance of staffing issue in the field of the economics in timber complex of the Russian Federation.

As a proposal Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov, in his speech, noted the questions on realization of investment projects for development of Timber complex in the Far East, necessity of strengthening of training and skills development for profiled specialists in educational institutions of the regions, in which it was planned to realize abovementioned investment projects with taking into account their specifics. He also noted that staffing potential of Yakut SAA, its partners from Russia and other countries, that allow to face challenges not only in the field of training and re-training of specialists, but in project and expert objectives in forest industry.

“In this regard, for bodies of authority, enterprises and organizations of Timber complex of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and for related branches, it is relevant to work together with Yakut SAA in joint work” – announced Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov. Then the rector of the Academy rewarded members of Yakutlesresurs with departmental certificates for longstanding and conscientious work.

A chairman of the Union of lumbermen of Yakutia, Viktor Nikolaevich Budishev, in his report: “Issues of forest enterprises of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, also noted the staffing issue in the Republican forest industry on an equal basis with underdeveloped forest management, road network, and several legislative problems.

Representatives from the leading world companies-producers of the modern forest machines “Ponsse”, “Kamatsu”, and “Jon Dir” – Sergey Fedorovich Sviridenko, Lyudmila Igorevna Kaurova and Evgeniy Viktorovich Kuzmichev told us about machines line that companies produce (harvesters and forwarders), working with clients, training of operators, possibilities of software and presented to the Academy visual materials for equipping of educational process.

Doctor of engineering sciences, professor at the department of Technologies and equipment if timber complex in Ural state forest engineering university – Eduard Fedorovich Gerz in his report “Ural harvesters on full-tacked chassis and harvesting aggregates” told us about national developments in enterprises of defense industry in the field of harvesting machines production.

Representatives of the enterprises “Podiemnie mashiny”, the group Palfinger and DMI, presented modern techniques for loading of wood on log trucks and further transportation of converted wood.

Great interest was expressed to the report of OOO “Bioinvest” about modern technologies and systems of machines for production of solid biofuel (pellet and briquettes). By the results of this report the decision on organization of a seminar on production of a biofuel in November of 2019 in Yakut SAA was made.

Representatives of international systems for voluntary forest certification FSC and PEFC – Elena Valentinovna Bubko, a coordinator of projects in Siberia and the Far East – FSC Russia, Yuriy Germanovich Trubin – a director of OOO PKP “Titan” for forestry and interaction with authority bodies, a member of Coordination council FSC Russia, Nikolay Mikhailovich Shmatkov – a director of FSC Russia, Aleksandr Petrovich Mokhirev – a candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor at the department of technologies for forest harvesting operations in Lesosibirskiy branch of FSBEI HE “Siberia state university of science and technologies named after M.F. Reshetnev”, told us about current state and perspectives of FSC and PEFC certification development, and possibilities that this procedure can give to forestry companies.

On the final report a moderator was a professor Igor Vladislavovich Grigoriev, who told us about perspectives of the development of timber complex in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and also about necessity of the solution of manning in republican timber companies, including upped and middle level managements, the incompetence of which is causing significant economic losses and underpayments. The reporter noted that a training of specialists for timber industry has to be based on those educational institutions of Russian regions that need such specialists. In this regard, it is necessary to review distribution of admission quotas for studying in timber specialties in benefit of those regions that have significant forest yield – primarily in Siberia and the Far East.

Moderators of the square “How much does forest cost?” were: Aleksey Kanaev, deputy of the State Duma, chairman at Expert Council on questions of chemical and timber complex, wood processing and paper-pulp industry at the Committee of the State Duma on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship, Anna Shafran, journalist, radiocast of VESTI FM, and Igor Grigoriev, professor at the department “Technologies and equipment for timber complex” of Yakut SAA.

Totally in the square were 12 reports. From the Academy a dean of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management at Yakut SAA, Mariya Vladimirovna Sleptsova, presented the theme: “How much does specialists’ training for timber complex of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) cost?”. Also professor Igor Vladislavovich Grigoriev presented the theme: “Scientific security and human resourcing in timber complex”.

On the 2nd and the 3rd of June in all square of the Forum a mobile exhibition of motor instruments by the company Shtil, a partner of the Academy, worked.

During the forum Nikolaev Nikolay Petrovich visited YSAA. He is a chairman of State Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations. Also Belozerov Denis Georgievich – a deputy prime minister. The Academy showed new class of modern forest machines – harvesters and forwarders by the company PONSSE that were equipped with simulators and computers.

On plenary meeting of the National forest forum the importance and relevance of the round table was highlighted, the resolution was supported, necessity in development of national system for assessment of specialists’ qualification in timber complex was noted.



YSAA in Germany. Ligna 2019.

On the 29th of May, 2019, within framework of the exhibition Ligna (Germany, Hannover) the “Presentation of Russian biofuel and sawn timber producers” was held. It was held by the magazine “LesPromInform” jointly with “Infobio”, sponsored by the magazine “Mezhdunarodnaya bioenergetika” (International bioenergetics) and National bioenergetics union.

The event continued 4 hours and had more than 50 participants from different countries.

Moderator of the conference was a professor at the department “Technologies and equipment of timber complex” of Yakut SAA – Aleksandr Tambi, who opened the conference with a report “Raw materials security and technological integration of wood processing enterprises in Russia”.

Opening of winter static greenhouse

On the 2nd of May, 2019, in Yakut SAA was opened winter static greenhouse. The greenhouse was build for scientific and educational purposes, and during that period of time personnel and members of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management and other representatives of the Academy planted about 100,000 flowers. Here in the greenhouse students do practical training.

At the launch of the greenhouse there were rector Ivan Sleptsov, the first vice rector Stanislav Fedorov, vice rector for academic affairs Anna Cherkashina, dean of the Faculty of Timber complex and Land management Mariya Sleptsova, and members of the academy.

All year round the greenhouse will work not only for cultivation of flowers, but for development of introduction of wild-grown plants under conditions of cryolithic zone – from ornamental plants to fruit and berry crops. It is planned to work on perennial plants propagation that are grown under conditions of Yakutia.

Such winter static greenhouse gives perfect opportunity for getting fresh, ecologically clean and high-quality vegetables year-round.

Delegation from Yakutia took part in the first All-Russian congress of selection breeders in the field of animal husbandry

On the 26th of April, 2019, Moscow, the first All-Russian congress of selection breeders in the field of animal husbandry have started.

Execution of the event was aimed to develop selection breeding in the field of animal husbandry of the Russian Federation, decrease of dependence on imports of genetic resources, and also provision of state’s food security.

Participants of the event were representatives from control authorities of agroindustrial complexes in the regions of the Russian Federation, who were administering questions of selection breeding, executives of organizations for artificial insemination of agricultural animals, regional informational and selective centers, service organizations, relevant scientific institutions, and leading organizations for livestock breeding.

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the first All-Russian congress of selection breeders represented 29 people – specialists from SBI RS(Y) “Sakhaagroplem”, research associates from YSRIA named after M.G. Safronov, executives and zootechnicians from leading agricultural enterprises. The delegation was led by Nikolay Afanasiev, deputy minister of agriculture of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Voluntary movement of Oktyomskiy branch “Tvori dobro” continues its active work

On the 20th of March a voluntary movement of Oktyomskiy branch “Tvori dobro” [Do good] continued its active work.

Our volunteers are generally students of the 1st-3rd grade. Folks gathered and titled their movement “Tvori dobro” for a good reason, because only one person with kind heart can help others without any reasons and never asks for anything in return. This is a meaning of volunteer.

Main purpose of our folks is to create favourable and comfortable conditions for people’s lives who need special attention and support.

Volunteers helped Zasimova Irina Filippovna and Mikhailova Anisiya Mikhailovna. Veterans, our grandmothers, compared our folks with timurovts – these groups were in their youth. As the old saying goes – all new is well overlooked old.