Ivan Sleptsov’s Expert Commentary: “Heart of the Arctic is Yakutia”

The establishment of the Russian-Canadian center of reindeer husbandry researches on the basis of Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy will provide implementation of innovative ways in the development of the northern domestic reindeer husbandry with the experience of two countries. This was mentioned by the rector of the academy on the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum “Integration of the sector of agriculture in the Far East to the food system of Asia-Pacific region”.

We would like to mention that at the beginning of this year there were held prearrangements between Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy and Canadian University of Laval about reindeer husbandry researches. Then, scientists from Canada initiated the cooperation with the offering to establish Russian-Canadian selective and genetic center on reindeer husbandry.

As the rector of the academy mentioned, the main goals of scientific researches are to figure out the field’s organizational and economical issues, to increase science-based production of biological material processing that are received from the northern domestic reindeers and to maintenance unique genetic pool. With these plans there is need to establish a mechanism of target preparation of skilled workers in the field of senile industries of the North for the regions of the Russian Federation in the first place.

Reference: on the territories of the Russian Federation it is possible to manage 2831,5 thousands reindeers. The meat of the reindeer according to the live weight is 223 thousand tons, moreover the fact that the managing of reindeers does not require the building of the special spaces, there is no expenditures for electrical energy, heat supply systems and municipal services, as the rector mentioned. Yakutia is one of the regions that are in the top in the Russian Federation on the number of the northern domestic reindeer population. The population of the northern domestic reindeer population is 157 thousands – 40.9% of the population in the Far Eastern Federal district and 8% of the general population in the Russian Federation.

Ivan Sleptsov mentioned on his speech several numbers, which help to imagine tactical decisions and arrangements on their implementation. He noticed that for the current situation the potential of the reindeer husbandry development in Yakutia was about 42%. Further development of this field can lead to the increased export of biologically valuable materials. “Natural reindeer’s grazing lands in the Russian Federation held 335,2 million ha or in the other words 19,6% of the territories, the tenth of them are on the territories of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It is potentially possible to manage 371 thousand reindeers on 37 million ha in the region’s reindeer grazing lands. Looking it another way, currently in the republic there is only 42,2% realized field’s potential, without taking into account other factors”, he pointed that the Russian Federation have all the possibilities to increase the capacity of the field and therefore increase the export of the country.

According to the rector, products that are derived from the northern domestic reindeer (meat, milk, fur, unossified antlers, blood, endocrine material etc) have large list of health properties that are not completely researched. If the potential of the reindeer husbandry will be fulfilled, then the manufacturing of only meat production will be increased in 5-6 times. Therefore, in perspective, the influence of reindeer husbandry as a source of valuable species of biological material will and has to rise.

Reference: in 2017 Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy officially took the status of the basic establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia on training skilled workers for senile industries of the North that could help to train workers also for neighboring regions of Russia. The academy gradually realizes and continuously expanding its branches and directions on the training of specialists, efforts are being made on the renewal of material and technical base, which allowed to establish scientific and research, clinical and diagnostic testing laboratories and new branches and directions of the higher education and secondary education organizations.

Also this day was initiated the signing of the Agreement with the participation of other agricultural higher education universities of the Ministry of the agriculture of Russia of Siberian and Far Eastern Federal districts. The agreement was signed by acting deputy governor of the Kemerovo region on agro-industrial complex – Aleksei Viktorovich Kharitonov, minister of agriculture of the Amur region – Oleg Aleksandrovich Turkov, acting rector of the Federal state budgetary educational establishment of higher education “Kemerov state agricultural institute” – Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Izhmulkina and rector of the Federal state budgetary educational establishment of higher education “Yakutsk state agricultural academy” – Ivan Ivanovich Sleptsov. Parties agreed on carrying out applied scientific researches and experimental developments. It is suggested that the preparation of research projects for participation on competitions for receiving financing from budget of federal and regional programs, foundations and development institutions. Scientific developments are planned to implement in agro-industrial complexes in the Kemerov region and the Amur region, Primorski Krai and Yakutia. Besides, there is going to be foreign exchange of students, teaching staff and specialists between higher education establishments. There are also plans for realization of common educational programs, carrying out scientific conferences, roundtable discussions, webinars on the issues of scientific and technological development of agriculture and others.