Academy’s teacher is international master of sports of Russia

Nadezhda Gogoleva is a winner of state championship on ultra marathon. Nadezhda is promoted to the rank of international master of sports of Russia. The order had been released before at official web-site of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

Nadezhda Gogoleva, native of Borogon district of Ust-Aldan ulus, in September of the last year in St. Petersburg, became the winner of the Russian championship – she ran the distance of 100 km and accomplished standard of international participant.

Recently a minister of sports, Pavel Kolobkov, signed an award order for Nadezhda’s promotion to the rank of master. Thus, Nadezhda Gogoleva became the first international master of sports at athletics from Ust-Aldan ulus.

Nadezhda Gogoleva is a two-time winner of state championship and owner of the Russian Cup.