Academic library

Academic library stock contains about 170000 items. Library prescribes more than 150 names of periodicals. An integral part of the library’s stock is an agricultural literature on all disciplines of agricultural science in support of academic and scientific process.

At the moment, library is a leading structural unit of the Academy that provides bibliothecarial and informational support for academic and research activity of Academy, and it is a center for spread of knowledge, mental and intellectual interaction between students. Research and practice conferences, new books presentations, meetings with interesting people and bookfairs on actual themes are conducted. Biobibliographic indexes of the “Professors of YSAA: bio bibliography of agriculture science figures” series are published.

To provide good information and library service for the users in accordance with their information requirements, library, in addition to traditional, actively developing new information technologies. At the moment in the library there are 34 computers, all of them are connected to the Internet. A spacious multimedia class for 15 workplaces, where the information assets of the library are gathered, is open in the new bulk of the library. In 2006 the library system “IRBIS32” was acquired, which is successfully implementing. E-catalog and e-library of Academy professors’ works, electronic book loan with stock barcoding are developing. Access to academic e-libraries and databases is opened. Website is developed.

In May, 2008 by the decree of the President of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) of 16 May 2008 no. 968, Academic library was awarded by I.I. Craft prize in nomination “Library of the year” for substantial contribution in librarianship development in Sakha Republic (Yakutia). This highest award in Republic for librarianship is a result of the everyday work of the collective.


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