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ш.Сергеляхское 3 км, д. 3, г. Якутск, Республика Саха (Якутия), 677007,  тел.: , факс: , e-mail:  

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677007, г.Якутск, ш.Сергеляхское, 3 км, дом 3
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The Yakut State Agricultural Academy Federal State budgetary educational institution "Yakut state agricultural Academy" is the basic agricultural higher educational institution of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation in the North-East of Russia, to provide a professional educational program of higher, specialized secondary and additional education.

The Academy was organized in 1986 on the basis of the of the Yakut State University agricultural faculty (till 1995 it was the Yakut agricultural institute)and has trained more than 3 thousand agronomist, zooengineers, veterinarians, economist, lawyers, engineers for Sakha Republic Agroindustrial complex. This is one of the largest universities in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the structure of which has 3 faculties, the Institute of agricultural Economics and law, a branch in Oktemtsy village, Khangalassky district, the Institute of additional professional education and other training, research and support units.

There are filial branch (Oktyomsky), 17 sub- faculties, a center of technical guarantee of scientific and teaching processes, a scientific library after K.D.Utkin, experimental practical farms in Oktyomsky and subdivisions in the Academy structure. The students have a practical training in the Yakut milky plant, poultry factory, Khatas agicultural enterprise, financial and agroindustrial corporations, municipal unitary enterprises of Republic.

The Academy develops international relations in the field of scientific investigations and there is being realized a conception of joining the International Arctic University created by common efforts of several countries is being realized such as Canada. As a whole, the Academy international activity has a tendency to enter the international educational and scientific- technical space.

The Academy employs 250 teachers, including 53 professors and 130 candidates of sciences.

Acting rector Yakut state agricultural academy is Ivan Ivanovich Slepsov